Wet Lease

We offer a Wet Lease of training equipment for airlines. The condition for the provision of training equipment in the form of the Wet Lease is the signing of a general contract with CATC. A Wet Lease is the lease of CATC training equipment to an airline for an agreed period of time during which the operational control of the training equipment remains in the hands of the CATC instructor. The training activity conducted is not provided within the CATC ATO and is not governed by EASA legislation according to (EU) 2016/1178, CATC is not responsible for its content and legislative implementation at the relevant Civil Aviation Authority.

Training equipment

  • FFS A320 ceo/neo
  • FFS A320neo
  • FFS B737NG
  • FFS B737CL
  • APT A320
  • APT B737
  • FNPT II ATR 72/42-500
  • CEET A320 family
  • A330 evacuation slide
  • Fire Fighting Device
  • ATR Door trainer


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