Specialised Training D2

Specialised Training for Aircraft Security Search Personnel (D2) is organised in accordance with the National Security Training Programme in civil aviation, issued by CAA Czech Republic.


Background check (issued by the Czech CAA, Criminal Record necessary)


4 classroom hours including practical part and aircraft inspection + examination

Valid D1 Certificate holders may have the duration reduced to 2 classroom hours

Target audience

  • Air Crew members
  • Airline employees
  • Check-in service providers
  • Other people performing aircraft security search

Course content

  • Aircraft security search legal requirements
  • Prohibited items and their detection
  • Prohibited items handling (e.g. reaction to discovery)
  • Possibilities of prohibited items concealment
  • Work-related aircraft configuration knowledge
  • Performing of aircraft security search at the level appropriate for discovery of concealed prohibited items


  • Performed by an instructor at the end of the training
  • Form:
    • Theoretical part: written test (min. 15 questions)
    • Practical part: verification of trainee´s knowledge of aircraft security search methodology, as well as the ability to find the prohibited items located inside the aircraft; checklists use

Certificate validity:12 months

Open dates