ATR 42/72 Special Offer for Dry Lease, Wet Lease

Our CATC training center located in Prague, Václav Havel Airport Prague, hangar B has free capacity of a professional facility for training pilots of transport aircraft type ATR 42/72 up to generation -500, certified to FTD level 2/FNPT II MCC according to JAR -STD 2A/3A

The ATR 42/72 simulator is suitable for IR, MEP/IR, MCC or CRM training.

  • Dry Lease at a price of EUR 85/hour including VAT. Formally, it will be dealt with contractually or with an order for the rental of training equipment, the condition is the nomination of the responsible instructor who will conduct the training and who completes the CATC SOB (Safety Operation Briefing).
  • Wet Lease for a price of EUR 167/hour including VAT or the provision of relevant training under our ATO.