Renewal Type Rating

Type rating renewal for pilots with a type rating qualification expired for more than 3 years.

Detailed course description


  • Oral and written English skills according to ICAO Level 4 (min.)
  • Type rating – not valid up to 3 years
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate


5 days

Course content

  • If a type rating has expired, the applicant shall meet renewal training requirements as determined by the civil aviation authority
  • As the training and checking requirements always rest with the authority, the training and checking syllabus has to be decided in each individual case.
  • Status check concerning the applicant’s actual knowledge and skills, to decide on the required training to bring knowledge and skills back to required standards
  • The criteria for Czech Aviation Training Centre to make type rating renewal training proposals are as follows:
    • Time since the rating has expired
    • Recent experience
  • Typical content of a renewal training is :
    • Theoretical training to refresh the theoretical knowledge CBT
    • Flight procedures on APT
    • Practical training on FFS: 1 – 3  missions
    • Type rating skill test

Open dates