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We offer a stand-alone Multi-Crew Cooperation Course or MCC in combination with a type rating course for a multi-crew airplane. You can also buy the MCC course as a discounted package together with the Jet Orientation Course.

A course for pilots who intend to start type rating training and have no previous experience with modern jet airplanes equipped with glass cockpit.

Do you want to get high-quality preparation for ATPL theoretical exams? Enrol in a course at CATC training centre. Do not wait for long for the next course to start – you can start every other month, i.e. six times a year!

We would like to inform you that from September 1, 2021, change the database of test questions for ATPL theoretical examinations (CPL and instrument qualifications).

Detailed information about the changes can be found on the website:

EASA.EUROPE - question-bank 

or link to the CAA but only in the Czech language (possibility of translation via Google): 

Theoretical knowledge tests for ATPL, CPL and IR-transition to a new question database


The term in the CATC calendar is the term date of the start meeting. The opening meeting lasts approximately 2 hours, the responsible instructor leads the meeting and also familiarize students with the course, give them access to the Aviation Exam Testing Portal for a period of study (18 months) and explain the whole system, including the possibility of issuing certificates during the course of study. Students will be further acquainted with the rules for applying for a test at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the Czech Republic.

The student enters the course the following month after the opening date. E.g. if the opening meeting is scheduled for October, the student enters the course in November.

aA course for future type rating instructors – learn to pass your knowledge and experience on. This course is compliant with Part-FCL.935 requirements.

Brush up your English! Join one of our courses aimed specifically at pilots. Don’t wait for a start date like at other schools, just call and arrange an individual lesson. Aviation English is taught by professional pilots or teachers with many years of experience in the aviation industry.

Do you need to broaden your vocabulary in the area of aviation and consolidate your grammar, sentence structure and conversation topics? Enrol in our course, which combines general and aviation English. The course opens on the day you wish.

We will prepare you for the ICAO English language exam. Arrange your own time and date, the course content and duration will be designed to meet your needs. The courses are taught by teachers experienced in aviation.

Register for an exam in accordance with ICAO standards. The exam is aimed at pilots who need to demonstrate understanding of spoken language and appropriately react in usual and abnormal situations.

Get ready for the IR English exam – we now test you at CATC, there is no need to go to the CAA. Aviation English is taught by professional pilots or teachers with many years of experience in aviation.

Get tested in Instrument Rating English at CATC. No more long waiting – exam dates available every month! There is no need to present any certificate of completion of an aviation English course.







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