Company Devices L 410 FFS

L 410 FFS

The L410 FFS (Full Flight Simulator) is used for pilot training as well as for maintenance and other training for the type’s operation. Type rating training as well as recurrent and renewal training courses are performed on this device. It can also be used for MCC and ZFTT courses, and last but not least instructor and examiner training. 

Technical specification: 

  • Aircraft Model: Aircraft Industries L 410 UVP-E20
  • Engines: GE Aviation Czech H80-200
  • Propellers: Avia AV-725
  • Aircraft Data: Aircraft Industries L 410 UVP-E20
  • Vendor Data: Universal Avionics, Honeywell, Garmin
  • Qualification Standards: EASA FSTD (A) Level D, FAA Part 60 Change 2 Level D, ICAO Doc 9625 4th Edition Type VII
  • Motion System: 54” Hydraulic Motion 600 Series
  • Control Loading: ELU (Electric Load Units)
  • IOS: OneUI
  • Visual System: TroposTM - 6000XR with LCoS Projectors (200 deg FOV, 2.1 Megapixels 1080x1920)
  • Visual Scenes: CAE TrueTM Airport (328 databases)
  • Certification: FFS level D | Certificate 1  









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