JOC – Jet Orientation Course

A course for pilots who intend to start type rating training and have no previous experience with modern jet airplanes equipped with glass cockpit.


  • Oral and written English skills according to ICAO Level 4 (minimum)
  • Valid PPL
  • Valid multi-engine IR
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate


  • Theory 8 hours (1 day)
  • Practical training 8 hours (2 days)

Course content

  • The Jet Orientation Course (JOC) enables inexperienced trainees to successfully complete a type rating course
  • The overall philosophy associated with the human-machine interface in highly advanced flight decks is introduced
  • Main focus of the course is to make the trainee familiar with the basic features modern JET aircraft
  • Differences in handling, jet engine, high altitude flying, stall recovery, diff. display formats – proper scanning technique – Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System  or ECAM Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring philosophy – proper teamwork when dealing with problems; the different message and warning levels, FMS training
  • One full day of classroom and APT/PTM training (8 hrs.)
  • Two days of practical training in a fix-based simulator FTD B737NG (2 x 4 hrs.)
  • JOC in full flight simulators or flight training devices for other types of jet aircrafts supported by CATC (A320, B737CL) is offered as a part of Type Rating courses only. The same applies for MCC/JOC package course.


1 390 EUR/person

MCC & JOC package: 4 490 EUR/person

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