News Pilot training 19 Malaysian Cadets

Pilot training 19 Malaysian Cadets

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On April 29, 2019, CATC (Czech Aviation Training Center) launched a pilot training of 19 Malaysian cadets (two girls and seventeen boys) in Prague. Within two years, cadets will complete Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Course (l) for ATP (l) to meet the requirements of commercial pilot aircraft (they will hold a Commercial Pilot License). one-year theoretical training from fourteen subjects related to aviation (a total of 750 hours of theoretical instruction), which will be completed by an ATPL theory at CAA (Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic). flight hours.


Training is conducted for Malaysian Airlines, which has selected students, based on screening, of 6,000 applicants. The training is mediated by Skyvax, a partner company in cooperation with the Malaysian Embassy in Prague, which provided the students with accommodation and special meals. The whole project is supported and funded by the state education agency Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), thus enjoying the interest of Malaysian institutions and participating ministries. For CATC participation in this project, it was crucial to first convince the Malaysian authorities of the competence of the training organization, the quality of our training program, the adequacy of the training facilities used and, last but not least, the ability to provide the necessary facilities for students in the Czech Republic. The ultimate word in this regard was given by the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority, which, together with Malaysian Airlines, conducted a CATC audit and granted CATC authority to train Malaysian pilots. The Malaysian side is pleased with the preparation of the course, the assurance and the training so far, so today we are discussing that in 2019 two more cadet groups of 20 students will be sent to CATC for cadet training. Interestingly, half of the students will be girls.







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