Conversion under CAACZ (EASA) can only be performed if the applicant resides in the Czech Republic (see also section CAA-ZLP- 168). The exception is the conversion from a pilot licence issued by the FAA.

CATC does not provide participants with tuition, nor does it provide any other type of funding. If necessary, we will provide a confirmation of acceptance to the training for the financial institution.

Employment with an airline after successful completion of training is only guaranteed under the ACPP and MPL cadet programs if the course is open.

We provide Base Training exclusively in conjunction with Type Rating, it is currently available for the B737NG.

CATC does not provide individual modules of ATPL Modular Training. In this case, please contact a regular flight school. We offer ATPL Theory (650), MCC, JOC, aviation English including ICAO/IR exams, and Advanced UPRT courses as part of the ATPL Modular Pathway.

Yes, CATC is an approved ATO by CAACZ, therefore the training is recognized in all EASA countries.

Yes, all training materials, exams, and lessons are conducted in English as standard. With Czech-speaking clients, the training can be arranged in Czech.

Yes, CACT has the possibility to provide accommodation for the duration of the training, both for a short-term stay (e.g., for MCC or TR courses) and for a long-term stay (for the whole ab initio training). CATC has contracted accommodation facilities with negotiated prices.

Only progress tests can be taken online as part of the training, you must appear in person for the ATPL theory exams at the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic.

Yes, CATC provides A320 Type Training courses, we also offer MCC or JOC courses on the same type.

This is particularly important for the participants taking part in the airline screenings with a target A320 aircraft type where they can benefit from a given type.

We also offer Refresher or Preparation for Screening course to prepare the candidate for the screening process focused on the A320 type.