English for pilots

Brush up your English! Join one of our courses aimed specifically at pilots. Don’t wait for a start date like at other schools, just call and arrange an individual lesson. Aviation English is taught by professional pilots or teachers with many years of experience in the aviation industry.


Intermediate level of English


20 lessons as a minimum or according to individual requirements of the customer

Course content

Communication and vocabulary – situations before a flight, in flight and after a flight.
Standard and non-standard situations pilots may encounter while on duty, e.g.:

  • pre-flight preparations
  • weather
  • phases of flight
  • emergency procedures
  • turbulence
  • bird strike
  • runway incursion
  • fire
  • decompression
  • technical malfunctions
  • emergency landing
  • dangerous goods
  • health problems
  • security
  • etc.

or according to individual requirements of the customer.


20 lessons – 18 000 CZK without VAT

40 lessons – 33 000 CZK without VAT

60 lessons – 45 000 CZK without VAT

(1lesson = 45minutes)

Open dates