Engine run-up course B737 CL/NG/MAX

Course content

We offer this training in the following combinations:

  • Engine run-up for CFM56-3 engine, Boeing 737-300/400/500
  • Engine run-up for CFM56-7 engine, Boeing 737-600/700/800/900
  • Engine run-up for CFM LEAP-1B engine, Boeing 737-7/8/9

The theoretical part of this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to perform this activity. In the practical part, you will learn necessary skills including emergency procedures and unusual situations that may occur during this activity.

The course is delivered as


  • Theoretical part: 1 day / 5 hrs basic or 7 hrs with theory extended by calculations
  • Practical part: 2 hours/1 person/1 engine on the relevant B737 simulator


  • Practical: 1 hour/1 person/1 engine on the relevant B737 simulator
  • Under certain conditions, the practical part may be conducted directly on the aircraft.

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