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Contracts concluded by Czech Aviation Training Centre, s.r.o., ID: 24843628, having its registered office at K Letišti 934, 161 00 Praha 6 (hereinafter referred to as “CATC”) must be exclusively concluded in writing which for the purpose of this notification means a written form (application of par. 562 (1) of the Act No. 89/2012, the Civil Code, as amended, is excluded); and a full agreement on the entire contents of a contract must be reached. Conclusion of a contract in other than in a written form according to the previous sentence is not valid nor effective. Whatever written confirmation of verbal negotiation does not have effects of a contract concluded in other than in a written form. The sender and CATC reserve the right to terminate contract negotiations at any time and for any reason or without giving a reason; they also exclude acceptance of any offer from the addressee with any amendment or variation; further, they exclude acceptance of any offer only by implication, i.e. by behaviour of a contracting party, particularly by providing performance or by its acceptance. When concluding a contract CATC acts in line with CATC internal regulations which means that a contract has to be approved by CATC competent representatives. CATC reserves the right not to conclude a contract. In such a case CATC is entitled to terminate negotiations on conclusion of a contract for this reason. The above mentioned also applies to negotiation of any changes to existing contracts. Amendments shall be negotiated only in a written form and signed by competent representatives of the contracting parties. No other form can be considered as a valid and effective change of existing contractual relationship. CATC competent representatives entitled to conclude contracts on behalf of CATC are specified in the CATC internal regulations which are available upon request. Any fact that might result from the communication contained in this message may not be considered as a CATC's waiver of a right or a waiver of debts until it has been confirmed in writing and signed by the CATC competent representatives.





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