News Dětská Univerzita ČVUT v CATC

Dětská Univerzita ČVUT v CATC

The group of children from the Junior study program operating under the Czech Technical University in Prague, which has been teaching children since 2015, has visited CATC as a part of its training program. Future "Small Bachelors" (Bc. Jr.) Or "Little Engineers" (Ing.)., under the leadership of Richard Kubelka (CATC Chief Cabin Crew/Safety Instructor), had the opportunity to see the CATC training centre, to try flying in simulators and get to know the CATC world. So, will we see some of them as pilots in the future? ... :-)


Dear friends,

allow me to express my sincere thanks to you on behalf of all the children of the ČVUT Czech Technical University in Prague Children's University - the incredibly interesting and stimulating program that you and my colleagues prepared for them. Thank you for your patience and understanding that you gave to the children and answered their questions. For many children, it was inspiring and inspiring to try the job of "cabin crew" and pilots as well. The children were very excited, as evidenced by their very lively discussion and then telling the stories at home. We also thanked their parents for the next morning and I am very happy to give you their thanks. Some of them also make me feel like they wanted to be children, but perhaps even envy them a bit:-).

Thanks again and I look forward to possible cooperation at the next edition of the Children's University of the Czech Technical University in Prague.







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