Customer Care

The quality of customer care and training is one of the most important values of Czech Aviation Training Centre. It is important to us to make sure that you, our customers, feel well at CATC. We strive to make your training as effective, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

You can find the basic information in our information brochure: 

Welcome do CATC

Before you arrive and start your training
You will be provided with the training schedule, details about the training process, study materials, a map of the site of Prague airport and other useful information by our customer care staff. Should you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

CATC training centre is located close to the Prague ring road which is connected to the network of motorways and dual carriageways. The place is served by public city and suburban transport. The railway can be used to get to us from remote parts of the country. Terminal 3 is also a very convenient option… 😉

Accommodation Assistance
Have you ordered your training but not found a place to stay yet? We will be pleased to give you a choice of our partner lodging. Ask us, the prices are more than friendly, for example, a single or double room at the Holiday Inn – Prague Airport from €30.

For most courses, you will be provided with access to the CATC administration website where you can find all important information (lesson schedule and content, study materials, exams, contact details etc.). There is free Wi-Fi available on all CATC premises.

Are you looking for some entertainment in Prague, do you want to relax after your training have some fun? We expect it – ask us and we will be pleased to suggest or even book leisure activities.

Safety is our priority, for us and for you alike. Although we believe that our operations are safe, there can be circumstances where you might have safety concerns. In such a case, do not hesitate to contact any instructor or our colleagues at the reception. You can also use the Safety&Quality Box.