News COVID-19 Protective measures in CATC

COVID-19 Protective measures in CATC

Dear customers, students, please take your time to read and follow regulations that reflect the requirements of the Hygienic Station of the Capital of Prague. 

To protect all of us and ensure the smooth operation of CATC, we ask each visitor for their own, conscientious self-assessment before visiting us. If you do not feel well, have a fever, have a cough, or have met a person with a positive test, please stay home!

Wear a drape in the CATC area, wash your hands regularly with soap, use disinfection, and keep a distance of 2 m.


The reception is open: MON - FRI 6:30 - 18:30, SAT - SUN 8:30 - 16:30

Thank you for following these rules





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