Pilot Training UPRT course

UPRT course

Essential information

The Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) helps crews manage the threat of unusual attitudes.


Valid type rating for A320, B737NG or L 410


1 day: classroom presentation and practical training on FFS

Course content:
  • Train to Proficiency
  • High Altitude Stall Warning
  • Airspeed unreliable
  • Prevent accidents and incidents related to erroneous flight instrument information 
  • The high altitude slowdown to an approach to stall represents a threat that has resulted in accidents and incidents when mismanaged
  • This simulator training is to assist crews in managing this threat
  • The exercise is intended to train an actual jet upset or full stall
  • Indications of an approach to stall before a recovery is initiated
  • Recognition and recovery techniques
  • Procedures to assist flight crews

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