Pilot Training Type Rating Instructor Course

Type Rating Instructor Course

Essential information

aA course for future type rating instructors – learn to pass your knowledge and experience on. This course is compliant with Part-FCL.935 requirements.


To be entitled to commence the TRI course, the applicant must

  •  Hold a valid ATPL
  •  Hold the rating and qualification on the airplane type for which the TRI rating is sought
  •  Be entitled to act as PIC on the aeroplane type for which the TRI rating is sought
  •  Hold a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
  •  To have successfully completed Teaching and Learning Course

To be entitled to commence the SFI course, the applicant must

  •  Hold or have held a professional pilot licence (CPL or ATPL)
  •  Have at least 1,500 hours of flying experience as a pilot on multi-pilot airplanes

A recommendation letter from your employer will be required. Otherwise you will need to pass an examination in a simulator/flight training device (all costs covered by the applicant). 

All applicants will pass an entry interview prior to the course commencement. 


15 days:

  • Classroom – 5 days
  • Practical training on APT – 2 days
  • Self-study / CBT / Theoretical test
  • Practical teaching training on APT and FFS – 2 days
  • Skill test – 1 day
Course content:
  • Phase 1: Teaching and Learning
  • Phase 2: Technical Training
  • Phase 3: Instructor Training & Checking in STD
    • During this part of the training, the theoretical knowledge, which is required to be an efficient TRI, is provided. The core elements in this part are as follows:
      • The learning proces
      • The teaching process 
      • Training philosophies 
      • Applied instruction
      • Student evaluation 
      • Training program development
      • Human performance and limitations relevant to flight instruction
      • The applicant learns how to transfer type-related theoretical knowledge to a trainee
      • Different briefing situations
      • The instructor learns how to handle an  FTD via the instructor operating station (IOS) and how to instruct from the instructor seat
      • Also includes the assessment of competence according Part-FCL.935

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