Pilot Training Screening Preparation

Screening Preparation

Essential information

Get ready for a screening for pilot jobs with an airline at a professional level! We will help you improve your knowledge and skills, manual flight, non-precision approaches as well as managing abnormal situations.


Valid type rating for ATR 42/72, A320, B737CL or B737NG


1 day: 

  • Classroom: briefing and debriefing
  • Simulator flight training (FNPT, FTD, FFS)

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Course content:
  • Two hours of flight time as pilot flying in the selected type of aircraft
    • Improvement of knowledge and skills
    • Manual flight
    • Visual traffic patterns
    • Raw data ILS
    • Engine fire
    • Non-precision approaches
    • Special program
  • Two hours of flight time as pilot monitoring in the selected type of aircraft
  • One-hour briefing before the flight
  • One-hour de-briefing after the lesson

Course price for two pilots: 

A320 FFS: 1860 € + 21 % VAT

ATR 42/72 FNPT II: 1160 € + 21 % VAT

B737NG FFS: 2580 € + 21 % VAT

B737CL FFS: 1620 € + 21 % VAT

B737NG FTD: 1580 € + 21 % VAT


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