Pilot Training RNAV course

RNAV course

Essential information

A course for pilots to acquire the knowledge of basic principles regarding area navigation.


Valid type rating


1 day: classroom presentation and practical training on FFS

Course content:
  • B-RNAV used en-route and for connection to terminal areas
  • B-RNAV limited to RNAV procedures above MSA, designed according to en-route principles
  • Track keeping accuracy
  • P-RNAV used for navigation in terminal areas (obstacle clearance granted, when P-RNAV requirements are met) for:  Arrivals, departures and  approaches up to the final approach waypoint
  • Typical RNP values
  • The course intends to give an overview concerning RNAV, which are generally valid - irrespective of the ICAO regions.
  • Approach training
  • RNAV (GPS) approaches
  • GPS required to achieve this specific NAV performance

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