Other Training Maintenance English – Basic Course (TA1)

Maintenance English – Basic Course (TA1)

Essential information

An English course for aircraft and avionics engineers which teaches you understanding of simple technical texts and aircraft manuals, with or without a dictionary. Our courses are taught by teachers experienced in aviation.


Lower-intermediate level of English


100 lessons

Course content:
  • International Phonetic Alphabet (ICAO)
  • Shapes
  • Dimensions
  • Numbers
  • Main parts of a/c
  • Expressing location
  • Flight Controls
  • A/C arrangement
  • Entry Doors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical Power
  • Lights
  • Indicating/Recording Systems
  • Oxygen
  • Fuel
  • Airborne Auxiliary Power
  • Power plant and related grammar

Materials:  Authentic and adjusted texts (job cards, SB, AMM,...) for the aircraft type

Certificate: A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course

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