Cabin Crew Training Initial Cabin Crew Training

Initial Cabin Crew Training

Essential information

Training for individual applicants - young men and women who wish to obtain a license to pursue the cabin crew profession. Completion of the course meets the requirement of CC certification according to EU 965/2012.

Obtaining "Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA)" according to EASA, valid throughout the EU (course suitable for ex-CC from non-European airlines)


Course language: English. The applicant himself/herself shall provide a solemn declaration that his/her level of English is at least B2.



Specific requirements:

  • Height: women 160 – 185 cm, men 160 – 190 cm
  • BMI (recommended): 19,5 – 24,9
  • Unacceptable: visible piercing (except for earrings) and visible tattoos

Entry interview comprises:

  • Piercing and tattoo check (on visible body parts); dress code women: skirt max. knee-long and short sleeve top, men: trousers and short sleeve top)
  • Written and oral English knowledge test (approx. 2 hours)
  • Required documents check
  • Information on course 


Eligible audience: citizens of European countries.

NOTE: We do not arrange for visas, accommodation or transport.

CATC does not guarantee course participants employment with airlines.



93 hours (approx. 8 hours per day) of theory and practical training.

Course content:
  • Fire and smoke training
  • Survival training (water, polar, desert...)
  • First aid
  • Passenger handling
  • Dangerous goods
  • Security procedures
  • Stowing
  • Discipline and responsibilities
  • CRM and Crew communication
  • Skill tests

Course objectives:

  • To acquire knowledge and skills enquired by valid regulations
  • To communicate in English onboard during
    • Regular flight operations,
    • Abnormal aeroplane operations,
    • Emergency situations
  • To perform the position of a cabin attendant from the point of flight, passenger and CA safety

The successful completion of the course does not guarantee a job at an airline company.


Important information: This course will be open in the near future around April 2022.


Please read carefully our General Terms and Conditions.

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