Other Training IATA Dangerous Goods Cat.3 - initial, classroom

IATA Dangerous Goods Cat.3 - initial, classroom

Essential information

Note: IATA has changed its testing system since 2020. More information is below.

Courses in the transport of dangerous goods are intended for: transport and operational staff of international air freight agencies, sales and marketing staff of cargo agent, operation staff, sale, reservation and receipt of goods of airlines and handling companies, employees of forwarding departments of manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, importers, exporters and manufacturers of dangerous goods, sending dangerous goods, interested parties working in the field of air transport of goods. The IATA international exam at the end of the course is not included in the price.

From January 2020, IATA DGR tests can only be taken online (OERS – Online Exam with Remote Supervision).

Every student who wants to take the online exam must have an account on the IATA Customer Portal.

Use the following link to create an account and log in to the Customer Portal:

IATA customer portal_online registration

After completing the binding order, log into the Customer Portal and copy the code we will send you by email into the LMS Training platform. After entering this code in the IATA admin, your Customer Portal account will be added to CATC.

Please fill in the binding order with the same email you used or will use when registering on the Customer Portal

CATC will order an Enrollment code from IATA to register you for the online exam and study materials including the IATA DGR manual.

The student is then responsible for registering the exact date and time of the exam based on the instructions sent to him/her via email by CATC.

For each online exam you need to print the User GUIDE, the current version can be found here:


IATA user-guide.pdf


Online exams are not conducted in CATC. Each student is required to follow the conditions mentioned in the link below during the exam:

IATA Training | OERS exam step by step guide



Important information about OERS can be found on the IATA website at this link: 

Online Exams with Remote Supervision-information


Good knowledge/understanding of written English 


48 hours

Course content:

Courses carried out in Czech language (in English on request), written exam in English.

  • General Philosophy
  • General Requirements for Shippers
  • Limitations
  • Classification
  • List of Dangerous Goods
  • General Packing Requirements
  • Documentation
  • Packing instructions
  • Labelling and Marking
  • Emergency procedures
  • Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods
  • Provisions for passengers and goods


The aim of the course

  • Correctly apply IATA rules for Dangerous Goods
  • Understand the legal aspects and responsibilities of shippers, agents and airlines involved in the
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods, and how to correctly identify and classify Dangerous Goods 
  • Ensure that the goods have been properly packed, marked and labelled 
  • Fill in and check the “Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods” 
  • Prepare Air Waybills according to IATA rules 
  • Deliver consignments containing dangerous goods to airlines - ready to send

Course price (without exam): 26 900 CZK without VAT.  Price for online exam ordered via CATC: 340 USD without VAT.

Note:  The price of the exam will be converted into CZK at the current CNB exchange rate - the approximate price is CZK 7,820 without VAT. The CATC price includes ordering a registration code for the exam, a printed valid edition of the DGR manual, including a workbook, and a fee for delivery to the EU (46 USD).

Prices valid from 1.3.2021


Note: The price of the exam will be converted to CZK at the current CNB exchange rate - the approximate price is 7 820 CZK excluding VAT. The CATC price includes ordering the exam registration code, study materials including the IATA DGR manual and the EU delivery fee (46 USD).


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