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Note: IATA has changed its testing system since 2020. More information in description & dates.

Introductory course for transport and operations employees involved in international cargo air-transport. 

Since this year, IATA has changed the system of examining all students to online testing (OERS - Online Exams with Remote Supervision). The form of the so-called paper tests, as it has taken place so far according to the IATA decision, is no longer possible in CATC. Each participant pays for the online exam himself, according to the current IATA price list. For our clients, this means that they will be able to continue attending our preparatory courses, but they must arrange the exam themselves through their account on the IATA Customer Portal. You can find the link to log in to the Customer Portal here: https://portal.iata.org/s/login/?language=en_US.

If you are not yet registered on the Customer Portal, we recommend that you first create an account and then book an exam date.IATA ONLINE EXAMS- how to sign in


Good knowledge/understanding of written English 


48 hours / 6 days

Course content:
  • Industry Regulations, ICAO-IATA-FIATA
  • The Air Cargo Agency, The IATA Cargo Agent, The Consolidator 
  • World Geography, IATA 3-letter codes, Time differences, Calculation of transportation times 
  • Use of Guides, The OAG Flight Guide, The OAG Cargo Guide 
  • Aircraft, Bulk Loading Limitations, Unit Load Devices (ULD)
  • Handling Facilities, Aircraft and cargo terminal facilities
  • Air Cargo Acceptance
  • Cargo Booking Procedures 
  • Cargo Automation 
  • Cargo Rates and Charges, Application of TACT (The Air Cargo Tariff)
  • The Air Waybill, Completion - Labelling and Marking

Course objectives = students know how to

  • Prepare everything necessary, including reservations, for international air shipments 
  • Calculate the correct rates and charges for both ordinary cargo and special cargo (special goods and rates for specific types of goods)
  • Provide clients with accurate and useful information 
  • Prepare Air Waybills according to relevant IATA rules and procedures

Course price (without exam): 38 400 CZK /  1 540 EUR (price per participant in the whole course for min. 6 participants) 

The price for the online exam is paid by each participant by bank transfer or card, according to the current IATA price list.

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