Other Training General Security Training A1

General Security Training A1

Essential information

General security training (level A1) is a course compliant with the National Civil Aviation Security Training Program of the Czech Republic published by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.


2 classroom hours + examination

Course content:

Target audience

  • People who are obliged to attend this training due to the Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 (and its implementary regulations) of the European Parliament and of the Council and who do not need an ID Card issue to perform their tasks

Course content

  • Previous civil aviation unlawful acts, terrorist attacks and current threats analysis
  • Goals and organisation of civil aviation protection, incl. duties and responsibilities of Security check employees
  • Reporting procedures
  • Relevant legal requirements
  • Manners of appropriate reaction to security related events


  • Performed by an instructor at the end of the training
  • Form: written test (min. 20 questions)

Certificate validity: 24 months 

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