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Funny Flying

Essential information

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an airline pilot? Take your chance and try it in a flight simulator where professional airline pilots are trained! We also have nice gift certificates - funny flying is a great gift idea and a nice surprise for your friends.


Optional - minimum 1 hour

Briefing (a pre-flight preparation) begins 30 minutes prior to flight

Course content:

Optional content

  • Sightseeing flight on client´s request
  • Flights to interesting destinations
  • Flights conducted in good and adverse weather conditions (fog, heavy rain, snow…)
  • Instrument flying – on flight routes, with or without an autopilot
  • Numerous approaches and landings
  • Simulated failures (engine failure etc.)

Our flight simulators

Other information

  • On client´s request, a gift voucher and a Flight Completion Certificate may be issued
  • Participants will enter a non-public area of the airport – it is strictly prohibited to bring in any weapons, their models and other items that could be used for an unlawful act commitment
  • While entering a non-public  area, it is necessary to prove  the participant´s identity by showing an identity card or a passport
  • In case there is a participant under 10 years, flight simulator hydraulic motion will not be in operation
  • Payment: invoice or cash (by previous agreement, on the day of the Funny flying at the latest)
  • Airbus A320 funny flying 18 150 CZK/1hr, 715 EUR/1hr
  • Boeing 737CL funny flying 15 730 CZK/1hr, 619 EUR/1hr
  • ATR 42/72 funny flying 3 872 CZK/1hr, 152 EUR/1hr

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