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The Czech Aviation Training Center is a training centre not only for flying personnel. A visit to the CATC is also very interesting for interested members of the public. Intended for everyone who is interested in learning more about the training of pilots and cabin crew and getting to know e.g. the emergency equipment of commercial aircraft.

Come on an excursion and go to places where a dream becomes a reality.



  • Excursion participants will enter the so-called non-public part of the airport. When entering these areas, it is necessary to show proof of identity with an ID card or passport. Otherwise, you will not be allowed into the premises.
  • Responsibility for the behaviours of minors rests with their escort.
  • Participants are obliged to observe all safety measures and strictly follow the instructions of the excursion leader.
  • Payment for the excursion can be made in the form of an invoice, after agreement with the excursion coordinator you can pay by a card or in cash (no later than on the day of the excursion) at the CATC reception.


Free parking of cars or buses in the area for the duration of the excursion.


At the reception, you can buy souvenirs (t-shirts, key chains, mugs, pens, books, etc.). You can pay in cash or by card.


approximately 90 minutes

Course content:
  • Tour of aircraft training facilities and emergency equipment led by an experienced aviation professional guide.
  • The exact list of places visited depends on the occupancy of the simulators on the day of the excursion. A B737 and A320 cabin simulator is usually available for viewing and is used to practice emergency situations.
  • You will get a unique opportunity to understand the work of the cabin crew in the event of an emergency situation during the flight and, if you wish, you will be able to practice the emergency evacuation of the aircraft.
  • You will learn interesting information about crew training Two excursions (40 people) can be taken simultaneously during one event.


Don't be afraid to consult with us about specific requirements in time. We will be happy to try to accommodate you.


Excursions for schools: Single price for 1 excursion CZK 2400 for up to 16 children. (CZK 150 for each additional child up to a maximum number of the entire group of 20 children.)

Free educational support


Excursions for adults: Single price for 1 excursion 3000 CZK for up to 15 people. (CZK 200 for each additional person up to a maximum number of the entire group of 20 people.)

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