Cabin Crew Training Cabin Crew CRM Instructor

Cabin Crew CRM Instructor

Essential information

A course for flight attendants who want to become CRM instructors in cabin crew training.


Suitable experience of commercial air transport as a cabin crew member


16 lessons:

  • Teaching and learning: 8 lessons
  • Technical training: 8 lessons
Course content:

Course content details to be consulted with CC Chief Instructor.

  • Teaching and learning
    • Learning process philosophy
    • Fundamentals of teaching process
    • Training philosophies
    • Techniques of applied instruction
    • Training administration
    • Human performance and limitation
  • Technical training
    • Structure and contents of CRM lessons
    • Familiarisation with teaching tools

Course objectives

  • To acquire knowledge and skills necessary to perform CRM instructor position
  • To be able to integrate CRM elements into all appropriate training

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