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Essential information

Do you want to get high-quality preparation for ATPL theoretical exams? Enrol in a course at CATC training center. Do not wait for long for the next course to start – you can start every other month, i.e. six times a year!

The term in the CATC calendar is the term date of the start meeting. The opening meeting lasts approximately 2 hours, the responsible instructor leads the meeting and also familiarize students with the course, give them access to the Aviation Exam Testing Portal for a period of study (18 months) and explain the whole system, including the possibility of issuing certificates during the course of study. Students will be further acquainted with the rules for applying for a test at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the Czech Republic.

The student enters the course the following month after the opening date. E.g. if the opening meeting is scheduled for October, the student enters the course in November.

  • Knowledge of English ICAO Level 4 (minimum)
  • High School diploma (maturita level)
  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

650 hours (approx. 7 months)

Course special concept that makes the course accessible even for working population:

  • 3 weeks self-study followed by 4 days of consultation at the CATC headquarters (this "round" in a total of 7times). To add the substance later, in case of a greater absence, everything is solved individually with the planning department.
  • Out of the total amout of 650 hrs you will have 154 hrs of consultations with CATC lecturers, ie. 25 hrs of consultations once a month, divided into 3-4 days within one week
  • Consultations are always planned for a weekend plus one or two days around (for example Thursday - Sunday, Friday - Monday, Saturday - Tuesday etc.)
  • Schedules will always be sent to you in advance from the planning department, or you will be able to find them in the Fox internal system, which you will be informed about, by the responsible instructor at the opening meeting.
Course content:
  • Classroom instruction, selfstudy based on e-learning materials in iPad
  • Lectures are given in Czech or English language
  • Textbooks in English only (B2 level) - textbooks are not included in the course price, you can borrow them though for the duration of the course
  • Multimedial study materials (longlife updates!) and direct access to online testing portal (aviationexam.com) during the whole course
  • After course completion CATC will issue a Successful course completion certificate – this enables candidates to take the ATPL exams conducted by the CAA


  • Lectured subjects:  Air Law, Airframe, Systems, Engines and Electrics, Instrumentation, Mass and Ballance, Performance, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight, VFR Communication, IFR Communication. 
  • As the course takes place all year round and students are going every two months (each is in another stage of study - someone starts, another ends the course), each student starts with other subjects in the given month, so it is not possible to fully follow the sequence. However, in about 7 months, if the student is on a regular basis and has no absences, all the subjects are taught. In case of absence, it is possible to add missing courses in the course in English.
  • You do not have to wait 7 months to complete several courses. During the course of study, CATC will issue a partial certificate on successful completion of several subjects on request. Therefore, you can start the ATPL theory test gradually at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
  • Access to the Aviation Exam Testing Portal for the duration of the study (included in the price). Available on the opening day.
  • Textbooks are in English - WARNING! They are not included in the course price. We recommend language skills at least at B2 level
  • Multimedia study materials that will have a lifetime update (not included in the price)
  • The possibility of borrowing free paper books if you do not want to invest in electronic versions of textbooks
  • 60 320 CZK / 2320 EUR 
  • The Training fee is VAT and other taxes exclusive. VAT shall be applied in accordance with the Act. No. 235/2004 Coll., on Value Added Tax, as amended (ie. local VAT law).
  • To study in this course, it is necessary to have  any device with IOS for running iBooks
  • PadPilot study materials can be purchased on iBooks for 29.99€ per one subject (there are 16 subjects on the whole). These study materials are not included in the course price. 
  • Exam fees at the Czech CAA are not included in the course price. 


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