Cabin Crew Training A330 Cabin Crew

A330 Cabin Crew

Essential information

A course for flight attendants preparing to work for an airline operating the A330.


Valid CC attestation


17 lessons  (24 lessons if APT required)

Course content:

Course content details to be consulted with CC Chief Instructor.

  • Airplane description
  • Emergency and safety equipment
  • Realistic training and demonstration ofsafety equipment use
  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Doors and exits operation
  • Evacuation slide training
  • Fire and smoke equipment
  • Water survival training
  • Skill test
  • Optional –  additional practical training (APT):
  • Emergency situations and evacuation procedures
  • Crowd control
  • Passenger briefing and safety demonstrations
  • CRM

Course objective = to acquire:

  • Knowledge of the aeroplane´s technical equipment and ability to control that
  • Skills to control and use all safety and emergency equipment in standard and emergency situations
  • Awareness of all CC assignments and procedures

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