Company events & teambuilding

Non-traditional team building or non-traditional corporate events are the right choice for your employees and partners. In the attractive premises of CATC, we will be happy to organize a team building or corporate event where you can try out the training simulators for pilots and flight attendants, where you will be surrounded by the real aviation atmosphere. You will agree on a specific plan with the event coordinator, taking into account the expected participation and your budget.
You need to organize the training of your employees by our industry professionals. You don’t have to be from an aviation background. We dare say you will be satisfied.

Example of a possible VIP event

CATC introduction

  • Questions concerning CATC activities
  • Event timetable introduction

Flight in a cabin trainer Airbus A320

  • Capacity: 20 people
  • Evacuation principles presentation (on client´s request, evacuation, smoke on board etc. may be practically demonstrated as well)
  • Emergency procedures and emergency landing

Simulator flying

  • Flight simulators that can be used:Airbus A320, Boeing 737CL (both full motion) and  ATR 42/72
  • Pre-flight briefing with instructors (aircraft type and flight content introduction)

Informal chat about flying with a pilot – captain

Excursions in groups

  • Commented visit of CATC training devices (practical demonstration of emergency slides evacuation or aircraft door opening on request)


  • Hot and cold dishes – we will be happy to satisfy your needs and requirements

Certificates hand-over

Other important information

  • Participants will enter a non-public area of the airport – it is strictly prohibited to bring there any weapons, their models and other items that could be used for an unlawful act commitment;
  • While entering a non-public  area, it is necessary to prove participant´s identity by showing an identity card or a passport
  • Payment: invoice or cash (by previous agreement, on the day of the event at the latest)


  • Transport aircrafts (such as A320, B737 or ATR42/72) are supposed to land on paved and long runways only; landings on short runways (such as French Courchevel or Lukla in Nepal), aerobatic manoeuvres or air crashes will not be simulated
  • In case a simulated air accident seems to be unavoidable, the simulation will be paused

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