Boeing 737 Classic Full Flight Simulator

The Boeing 737-400/500 Classic Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is powered by a motion system made of 6 hydraulic legs and can also be operated as a Fixed Base Simulator (FBS) after their disconnection. The simulator is equipped with Cargo Smoke Detector which enables to train cargo smoke emergency procedures.

Technical specification

  • Manufacturer: CAE Electronics Ltd.
  • Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-400/500
  • Aerodynamics Data: Rev. A
  • Control Forces Data: Rev.A
  • Engine Type: CFM56-3C
  • FMC (Flight Management Computer) Part No.: Smiths Ind. P/N 176200-01-01 (U10.5)
  • Autopilot type: SP-300
  • TCAS II, 7.1
  • Visual System: MaxVue Plus 180 deg., 3 channel continuous
  • Motion System: 6 DOF 500 Series
  • Certification: Level CG according to JAR-STD-1A (400/500)*
  • Zero Flight Time Type Rating approval