ATPL (A) Plus (Airline Transport Pilot Licence)

For those interested in a career as a commercial pilot in civil aviation, we offer the ATPL(A) Integrated Plus program (Airline Transport Pilot Licence). This is initial training, so no previous flying experience is required. The aim of the training is to obtain a commercial pilot qualification for commercial air transport.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to work as a co-pilot on multi-pilot multi-engine aircraft in commercial air transport.

The result of the successful completion of the training is the acquisition of a CPL(A) licence with ME/IR rating, a completed MCC course, and type rating. The integrated ATPL(A) course meets the requirements of Part FCL.

Criteria for entry to the ATPL (A) Plus program

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • at least a high school education completed with a high school diploma or / a certified copy of the highest education obtained
  • ICAO English Proficiency – at least level 4 (CATC can provide additional training in English if required)
  • Class 1 medical certificate (Medical 1) from an authorized medical centre
  • An extract from a Register of Criminal Record, not older than three months, must be submitted prior to training.

ATPL(A) Plus training includes

  • Theoretical training (PPL and ATPL theory, 750 hours in total), aviation and general English (20 hours).
  • Practical training on a single-engine and multi-engine aircraft and on a flight simulator, the training includes, in addition to basic training, navigation flights, night flights, as well as upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) – on an aerobatic aircraft.
  • During the course you will complete a total of 154 flight hours, including 115 hours of IFR, 81 hours of PIC and SPIC (pilot in command and student pilot in command), 16 hours of MEP (multi-engine piston aircraft), and 15 hours of MCC (multi-crew cooperation training).
  • During type training, you will get 60-70 hours of practical training on a flight simulator (depending on the aircraft type).


Training at CATC is conducted by instructors – active professional pilots with many years of experience who will train you in accordance with the current operational procedures, skills, and requirements of contemporary commercial air transport. Type training course is an integral part of the ATPL Plus program. The entire training is planned to be as efficient as possible, i.e., to be completed in the shortest possible time, with the expected duration of the entire training of 20–22 months.

We offer the following type ratings

  • B737 300-800
  • A320 family

Course content

Candidates who have met the entry criteria and signed an ATPL Integrated Plus training contract with CATC will enter the training program. The integrated ATPL course enables the maximum reduction of the total program time due to the interconnectivity of the individual parts. The integrated ATPL course usually lasts 20-22 months, the condition given by the regulations is the completion of the ATPL part of the Integrated Program no later than 36 months from the start.

The type rating for an aircraft type consists of the following parts

  • Theoretical part: approximately 8 days of classroom instruction + self-study using interactive e-training
  • Practical part: training in a flight simulator (FFS or FTD), approximately 50 hours (the specific extent depends on the aircraft type)
  • Skill test
  • Base Training


Initial pilot training is such a complex matter that it is not possible to provide all the information in this form, therefore we recommend serious candidates to arrange a personal consultation at CATC. We will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

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