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Individual customers can choose between a modular ATPL, integrated ATPL and All Inclusive ATPL program. All of these courses are designed as ab initio programs, therefore no previous flying experience is required.

However, applicants must meet several conditions: a high school diploma (maturita level), English language level B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Class 1 EASA Medical Certificate, have passed the screening before starting training.

The program is competency-based, the continuation of training is subject to having successfully completed the preceding training part. Both the integrated and modular course contains:

  • Entry Screening
  • ATPL level theoretical instruction (ATPL theory, aviation English, instrument flying theory and others)
  • Basic glider training
  • Flight training in single- and multi-engine aircraft and a simulator, including upset recovery training (simulator and aerobatic airplane)
  • Psychologic couching for personal development, leadership, communication skills, decision making and stress resilience

The type rating is not part of the ATPL program. However, you can enrol in it after successful completion of the ATPL course.

Modular ATPL training

  • Tailored to the individual needs of each customer.
  • Type rating on your preferred type of airplane.
  • Leading to the qualification of an airline pilot.

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Integrated atpl training

  • Leading to the qualification of an airline pilot.
  • Type rating not included in the training.
  • Offered also as All Inclusive integrated training.

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