Mission and vision

CATC’s mission is to contribute to providing high – quality, complex and for the partners, cost and time effective training of all personnel involved directly or indirectly in the provision of air services. CATC’s vision is to conduct training of transport aviation professionals from the beginning to the obtaining relevant qualification, including it’s continuous maintenance. CATC actively creates employment opportunities for its students. CATC uses the opportunities to joint ventures with partners in other regions.

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Cooperation and partnership

Next to cooperation within CATC we also collaborate with business partners, airlines, with corporations providing training in aviation wherever possible synergy is beneficial for all involved.

Knowledge and experience

Everything we do is well-established on knowledge and experience. In case we miss knowledge and experience in any area, we have to find it through partners who have it. We use in maximal extent what has already been proved, what someone already knows and is good in.

Innovative attitude

Our knowledge and experience we use to resolve existing issues with profits for those who use the results of our work. We put effort to find permanent, but yet simple and functional solution which corresponds with our knowledge, experience and current legislation.

Open-minded and well-timed communication

We communicate so that others understand what we do, what we want, where we are going and where we succeeded or failed. We always communicate openly, also facts which are not positive for us and could even directly affect our work and our lives.