A320 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer

The Airbus A320 CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) is an advanced training device which considerably improves the quality and effectivity of crew training on the A320/321/319.

The following components are installed

  • Visuals, Video, and a Sound System enable the simulation of a flight and emergency situation
  • A cockpit section with fully-functional pilots seats, oxygen masks for pilots, a left side moveable window and communication system
  • A cabin section with galleys, lavatories, functional bins and passenger seats
  • Door operation, with selectable malfunctions for the AC doors and slides
  • Slide „single line“ at door  1L
  • Slide „dual line“  at  Over Wing Exit – LH
  • Main Entry Door 1L
  • Door 2R for A 321 (without slide)
  • Fully functional emergency exit type III
  • Fire/Smoke simulation at 6 locations
  • Rapid decompression with oxygen mask release
  • Indication of evacuation and smoke alert
  • Functional cabin and emergency lighting
  • All functions of the CEET are controlled via touch-screen monitors at the Instructor Operation Station.

Basic technical data

  • 41 passenger seats
  • Instructor Operation Station
  • Seats for 3 cabin crew, 2 pilots, 2 instructors
  • Producer: TFC