Type Training B737CL+B737NG extension for ATA 22/23/24/31/34 Category B1 + C

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Ability to read and understand English written technical documentation


Completed type training requirements for the B737

Course overview


50,75 hrs.

Theoretical training: 35,75 hrs.
Practical training (aircraft, B1 only): 15 hrs.

Course level and content

Level 3

  • Detailed description, operation, component location, removal/installation, bite and troubleshooting procedures

Course objectives =    student´s ability to

  • Demonstrate:
    • Relevant theoretical knowledge
    • ability to work with maintenance manual (incl. its application)
    • Proficiency in use of crew reports and on-board reporting systems
  • Describe:
    • Procedures for components replacement
    • Systems and aircraft handling
  • Determine aircraft airworthiness per MEL/CDL
  • Identify:
    • Related safety precautions
    • Aircraft manuals
    • Maintenance practices important to the airframe, its systems and power-plant
    • special tooling and test equipmen
    • components´locations
  • Pe​rform:
    • Procedures for servicing (fuel, power-plants, hydraulics, landing gear, water/waste and oxygen systems)
    • System,
    • Power-plant,
    • Component,
    • Functional checks
  • Define:
    • The general layout of the aircraft’s major systems
    • The general layout  and characteristics of the power-plant

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