ZFTT (Zero Flight Time Landing Training)

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The aim of the respective training is to fulfill the requirements of Part-FCL concerning landing training.



Details below

Course overview


1 day

Course structure

Practical training on FFS

Supported types

ATR 42/72

Entry requirements

  • There are several criteria prescribed when no aircraft landing training (“base training”) is necessary, as follows:
  • The applicant must have at least 500 hours experience on MPA types. In this case the FFS used during the type rating course must be minimum level D; or
  • The applicant must have at least 1,500 hours experience on MPA types. In this case the FFS used during the type rating course must be minimum level C
  • Specific arrangement with the ZFTT-operator
  • Oral and written English skills according to ICAO Level 4 (min.)
  • Valid CPL with ATPL credit or valid ATPL
  • Valid multi-engine IFR rating
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

Course Description

  • This is a FFS mission to be performed after a type rating or CCQ skill test, which is exclusively dedicated to landing training.
  • Theoretical knowledge is covered during the FFS briefing.
  • The practical training is performed during one four-hour FFS mission
    • Landing with max. landing mass, light head-wind, light cross-wind, day, dry runway
    • Landing with typical land. mass, light head-wind, light cross-wind, MLM-3t, day, dry runway
    • Landing under cross-wind, strong cross-wind & turbulences, MLM-5t, day, dry runway
    • Night landing, strong head-wind, MLM-5t, wet runway
    • Landing on short runway, any wind, MLM-3t, dusk, dry runway
    • Landing in winter CAT I,  15 kts cross-wind, any landing mass, any visual setting, snow


  • Multicultural training and individual approach

    • worldwide-experienced pilots – instructors
      • regular participation at the international conferences, experience exchange
      • practical experience with trainings of multicultural crews
  • Training may be tailored to your airline SOPs
  • CATC base inside Prague Airport area
  • More than 90 years of experience in air crews´ training
  • Training devices maintenance support (24/7)
  • Coverage of international quality standards and regulations
  • Possibility to provide accommodation for our customers in the vicinity of CATC

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