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Supplemental English language training should be provided to get at least the Operational level language proficiency (Level 4) before commencing MPL training


min. 18
recommended 18 - 35


A holder of a high school diploma
A holder of the Medical Certificate Class 1 from an Authorised Medical Centre
Successful in our screening program before commencing MPL training

Course overview


400 days


Practical training on airplane
Self-study / CBT / Tests
Practical training on FFS / Practical skill test


ATR 42/72

Course Description

  • The flying instruction is divided into four phases (incl. base training and line training):
  • Phase 1 (Core) involves the acquisition of piloting competencies involving single pilot training in an aeroplane with 4-seater cabin (with two students observing the training) through dual flight instruction, introduction of basic flight principles, solo flight time and cross-country navigation skills
  • Phase 2 (Basic) builds on the lessons of phase 1 and introduces increasingly complex flight training profiles. A trainee will be expose to multi crew operations in this phase. Due to the fact that small, propeller driven, straight wing, single pilot airplane are not realistic multi-crew training devices the whole Phase 2 will be performed in a FNPT II MCC ATR 42-500
  • Phase 3 (Intermediate) provides trainees the opportunity to further develop multi-crew competencies while operating a FFS
  • To ensure effectiveness in phase 4, trainees should receive company indoctrination training, of an operational nature only, immediately prior to phase 4. This will provide them with the knowledge necessary to enhance decision-making and to put events, both routine and abnormal, in context using company specific procedures
  • Phase 4 (Advanced) allows the trainee to acquire the competencies required to hold a type rating on a multi-engine, turbine powered, pressurized, transport category aeroplane and operate in accordance with a specific operator’s standard operating procedures (SOPs). The entire Phase 4 will be performed in a FFS and will be completed by the skill test which is calculated in the total time of the flying experience
    • Base training will include 12 take-offs and landings on aeroplane and is calculated in the total time of the flying experience
    • Line training (Initial Operation Experience)
  • All the practical training is performed on Full flight simulators with certification level D or CG 
  • MPL course is a competency-based training. That means that it involves the continuous assessment of the trainee’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills before moving on to the next phase of training
  • CRM/TEM concepts will be taught and fostered throughout the all phases to instil the attitudinal competencies expected of a qualified first officer, thus ensuring the successful completion of airline indoctrination while consistently exhibiting sound judgement, synergistic behaviours and strong situational awareness
  • MPL training meets requirements of Part-FCL 


  • Initial Operation Experience ensured   
  • Competency-based training 
  • Up-to-date training
  • Connection with flight schools (We are Aviation Academy!)
  • Multicultural training and individual approach
    • worldwide-experienced pilots – instructors
      • regular participation at the international conferences, experience exchange
      • practical experience with trainings of multicultural crews
  • Training may be tailored to your airline SOPs
  • Tradition-based close relationship between CATC and the Czech Airlines 
    • base training for A320 and ATR provided in Prague Airport
  • CATC base inside Prague Airport area
  • More than 90 years of experience in air crews´ training
  • Training devices maintenance support (24/7)
  • Coverage of international quality standards and regulations
  • Possibility to provide accommodation for our customers in the vicinity of CATC


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