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ATPL is an ab initio training programme for candidates without previous experience of flying. It can also be customized to airlines or individual customers. The objective is to obtain the ATPL(A) licence. Its holder is authorized to commence a type rating training for the appropriate aircraft type in order to obtain the airline transport pilot qualification.




written and oral knowledge at least B2 level


recommended age
18 - 35 years


* At least secondary school education (A levels)
* Class 1 Medical Certificate
* Succeed in ATPL Entry Screening

Course overview


Integrated training min. 18, max. 36 months
Modular training min. 18 months


Practical training on SEP and MEP aircrafts
Self study / CBT / Tests
Practical training on FFS/FTD / Practical testing (skill test)

Supported types

ATR 42/72

ATPL programme is a competency-based programme conducted by professional airline pilots with long time experience. It exists in both integrated and modular version that include: 

  • Entry Screening
  • Theoretical part: ATPL theory, Aviation English; Instrument Flight Rules etc.
  • Basic glider training
  • Practical training on single & twin engine piston airplane and flight simulator (including upset recovery training on simulator and acrobatic aircraft)
  • Integrated personal development, leadership, communication, decision making and workload management training

Type rating training is not a part of the programme. 


The integrated version of the ATPL course is based on principle that all parts of this programme are continuously following one after the other to build step by step the overall knowledge and skills of the student. This enables to make the whole course as short and cheap as possible, on condition that the programme has to be completed within 36 months from its beginning.

Basic price of the integrated ATPL programme is 49 k€.

The modular ATPL programme is designed as a building set of relatively closed sub-parts (modules) of the whole course. The modular philosophy enables to adjust the training programme exactly to the specific needs of the individual customer.  The total duration of the entire programme is not limited.


Need to learn more? Go through our presentation about ATPL programme with a thorough description of all training phases in both integrated and modular version, and many more useful information.


ATPL Entry Screening Requirements:
  • recommended age: 18 - 35 years
  • at least a secondary school graduate with A-level exams
  • good knowledge of maths and physics
  • English competence at B2 level (no certificate required)
  • clean criminal record
  • statement about not using any substances of intoxicating or psychotropic character
The Screening consists of:


  • COMPASS test (Computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System)
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Written test and an interview in English 
  • Tests in Mathematics and Physics  
  • Test for flying predispositions (in a simulator)
  • Final interview


The Screening usually lasts two days, the price is 4 900 CZK (VAT incl.) 


Once you successfully finish the ATPL programme, you can start the Type Rating Training for an aircraft type of a specific airline (employer), unless the airline/employer provides the training at their expense. 


Type Rating Training consists of: 
  • Theoretical part: approx. 8 days of classroom lessons + self-study
  • Practical part: approx. 46 hours of synthetic flights (FFS or FTD)
  • Base Training (6 landings) & Skill Test
  • Final exam

We also offer a variety of Additional Flight Trainings on request, such as:

  • LVO/AWO/RNAV; ETOPS (if relevant)
  • LOFT (scenario-based training) etc.

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