Human Factor Continuation Course

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This course is designed for the personnel involved in the aviation maintenance, engineering and training procedures in accordance with Part-145, Part-M and Part-147, but has also proved to be useful for other aviation maintenance staff. Continuation course shall be made in each two years period.



Valid Human Factor (Initial) Certificate

Course overview


3 hrs

1.    Entry requirements

  • Valid Human Factor (Initial) Certificate

2.    Course content = refreshment of:

  • Information obtained from analyses of recent incidents and accidents caused by human errors in the environment of aviation maintenance
  • Human and machine causes of accidents
  • Errors and violations
  • Mental models
  • Human performance
  • Fatigue
  • Aircraft crashes caused by human error in maintenance
  • Statistic data
  • Risk control and safety management system

3.    Course objective

To refresh and reinforce the previously acquired knowledge:

  • Improving the level of awareness as concerns Human Factors
  • Enhancing the understanding of Human Performance issues related to aircraft maintenance activities

4.   Course duration

  • theoretical training:  3  hrs.

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