Fuel Tank Safety Continuation Course

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This course is designed for servicing large aeroplanes, with a maximum type certified passenger capacity of 30 or more or a maximum certified payload capacity of 3402 kg or more. Continuation course shall be made in each two years period.



Valid FTS (Initial) Certificate

Course overview


2 hrs

1.    Entry requirements

  • Valid FTS (Initial) Certificate

2.    Course level, content and objectives

Course level:

  • DETAILED TRAINING – theoretical and practical elements of the subject

Course content:

  • Understanding the background and the concept of fuel tank safety
  • Recognition, interpretation and handling of the improvements in the instruction for continuing airworthiness that have been made or are being made regarding fuel tank system maintenance
  • Awareness of any hazards

Course objective = refreshment of:

  • Knowledge of the history of events related to fuel tank safety
  • Overview of the regulations
  • Detailed description of the concept of fuel tank system ALI
  • Ability to combine and apply the separate elements of knowledge in a logical and comprehensive manner
  • Identification of the components or the aircraft subject to FTS from the manufacturer´s documentation
  • Ability to plan action or apply a Service Bulletin and an Airworthiness Directive

3.    Course duration

  • theoretical training:  2  hrs.


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