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The aim of this course is to refresh the knowledge and skills acquired in the basic course. It is intended for the holders of De-icing/Anti-icing Basic Course Certificate. The recurrent course shall be made in each two years period.



Valid De-icing/Anti-icing Basic Course Certificate

Course overview


Theoretical training: 2,5 hrs.
Practical training: 0,5 hr.
Total: 3 hrs.

1.    Entry requirements

  • Valid De-icing/Anti-icing Basic Course Certificate

2.    Course content

  • Introduction – effects of icing, snow, ice and slush on aircraft on the ground and in flight
  • Definitions
  • Selection of de/anti-icing liquids – basic characteristics
  • De-icing/anti-icing technologies selection – basic manners of ice, snow and slush removal
  • Protection against icing on different types od aeroplanes
  • Ground and inflight de-icing
  • Liquids dilution, holdover time
  • Liquids coding and storing
  • Procedures after de/anti-icing
  • Safety at work and protection of the health, first aid
  • Effects on environment
  • Mechanical devices used for de/anti-icing
  • Analysis of experience from the previous season
  • Conclusion – oral examination

3.    Course duration

Theoretical training:          2,5 hrs.

Practical training:                      0,5 hr.

Total:                                          3 hrs.

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