Cabin Crew Instructor Course

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Valid CC attestation

Course overview


24 hrs.

Course content

Course content details to be consulted with CC Chief Instructor.

  • Civil aviation regulations and administrative authorities in civil aviation
  • Part – CC
  • Methodology of training
  • CRM
  • Skill tests

Course objectives

  • Professional knowledge intensification, revision and completion
  • Teaching principles of how to carry out training and how to apply these principles
  • Teaching to propose and explain correct solutions of the operation situations
  • Teaching to check and assess the CA´s activities
  • A trained CA instructor must:
    • Prove the ability to understand principles of aviation operation
    • Identify himself/herself with them
    • Prove the ability to identify wrong or inadequate action and imperfections in knowledge of other CA
    • Be able to make adequate decisions to eliminate incorrect procedures
    • Be able to apply acquired knowledge into the CA performance methodology



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