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Update of Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator

Update of Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator It is our pleasure to announce that our Full Flight Simulator Airbus A320 was successfully updated to the newest possible version.


What you can expect? From the pilot point of view the biggest change is LCD monitors instead of CRT´s. Big improvements are also new meteo radar, latest version of FMS (Flight Management System), digital ISIS (Integrated Stand-by Instrument System), back-up speed scale, newest TCAS and possibility of datalink training (ATC cleareances, loadsheets, weather reports, freetext etc.).


The most important change from the simulator point of view is new computer hardware and thus bigger reliability and smaller occupied space. We have also improved motion system, which is now even more realistic.


We hope that you will enjoy flying on our updated simulator.  


You can compare old and new look. Most visible change is digital ISIS.





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