How to apply

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1. Please double-check if you meet the qualification criteria

2. Please complete the registration form 

  • Attach your CV
  • Attach your motivation letter

3. We will contact you and inform you about your screening date

  • You will get an invitation letter and information about the screening payment which is 320 EUR
  • You cannot attend the screening without having paid the screening fee
  • We will inform you about the date of the screening 

4. Prepare certified copies of documents for the screening date

5. On the screening date

  • all the required documents will be verified
  • there will be a test and an interview in English, level B2
  • you will take a psychological test and an interview
  • test for flying predispositions
  • an interview with the airline representatives from the Czech Airlines and Travel Service

6. Results and selection  of the successful MPL training candidates

  • We will inform you about your result.
  • We will get in touch with all the successful candidates
  • You will need to visit the Aero-Medical Examiner to obtain the Medical Class 1 (you may do it also before the screening). In the Czech republic you can visit the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Prague
  • We will inform you about the date of the MPL training commencement 


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