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There are several ways to obtain a pilot licence.
Two of them will lead you to the fantastic career of an airline pilot.
No previous experience is needed.


Multi-Crew Pilot Licence is the first way. 


The main recognition mark of MPL training is that the pilots get trained for a specific airline company. Once MPL qualified, they will be offered a contract for 500 hours Line Training with Czech Airlines and Travel Service. A big advantage is that pilots are trained according to the standard operating procedures of their future employer. MPL training lasts 18 – 20 months and is designed for those who succeed in a Screening (usually organized once a year at CATC). Learn more about MPL Screening.

It is important to know that MPL training is a full-time job. To study a university or be employed at the same time is well-nigh excluded.

Screening 2016 took place in June, it gave us 8 successful candidates. In October this year, they will start training with the aim to become a B737, ATR 42/72 or A320 First Officer.

In spring 2017, there will be another Career Day and then another Screening for new applicants. Stay tuned, follow our web site and CATC facebook profile in order to get fresh info any time.  

Want to get more motivated? Watch this video interview with Dieter Harms, the father of MPL.


The second way is called Airline Cadet Pilot Programme

Both ACPP and MPL are a so-called Ab initio training. You do not need any previous experience with piloting an aircraft – you just start training and after a successful completion of the programme, you become a First Officer. ACPP is generally less time consuming than MPL training, you should therefore be able to pursue your university studies or work. Integrated ACPP should be completed within 36 months. Once licenced, you will not have a job guaranteed at a specific airline. However, you will be able to apply for a job as a First Officer at any airline company in the world. 

Do you need to learn more about pilot training? Just send an email to, we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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