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Plane Fire Simulator

In the B737 Cabin Mock-up, fire-fighting of a simulated fire (by smoke and light) can be practised in the circumstances of real air transport conditions (passengers, a realistic cabin interior), while in the Cabin Fire Simulator, fire-fighting of real fire in a closed space can be practised.  A particular goal of this training is to remove potential inhibitions about a real fire, especially within a narrow, closed space.  Flame intensity can be set by the instructor so as to allow for a gradual increase in both mental and physical strain on the trainee and the level of training in circumstances close to the real conditions of an aircraft cabin.

The Cabin Fire Simulator satisfies in full all the requirements for fire-fighting training in terms of the EU-OPS 1.1010 rules and regulations,

Plane Fire Simulator from inside

including corresponding annexes for conversion, difference and recurrent training.


The device provides reasonable safety and protection for the trainees and has a minimum negative influence on the environment.

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