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The Boeing 737-400/500 Classic Full Flight Simulator (FFS) with the 6 DOF motion base may also be used as a FBS – Fixed Based Simulator.
The FFS was approved and certified as ready for training in July 2000.  In addition to the six DOF motion base it also has the most modern MaxVue Plus visual system.  The cockpit was adapted according to the CSA’s B737 fleet standards and newly equipped with TCAS II, Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems and WX radar simulation systems (including corresponding effects in the visual system).


FFS Technical Specifications:


  • Manufacturer: CAE Electronics Ltd.  
  • Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-400/500
  • Aerodynamics Data: Rev. A
  • Control Forces Data: Rev.A  
  • Engine Type: CFM56-3C  
  • FMC (Flight Management Computer) Part No.: Smiths Ind. P/N 176200-01-01 (U10.5)
  • Autopilot type: SP-300  
  • Visual System: MaxVue Plus 180 deg., 3 channel continuous  
  • Motion System: 6 DOF 500 Series  
  • Certification: Level CG according to JAR-STD-1A (400/500)* | PDF 1 | PDF 2 |
  • Zero Flight Time Type Rating approval
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