ATR 42/72 Flight Training Device

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FTD ATR42/72 (Flight Training Device) is used for pilot training as well as for the technical staff. This device enables to perform one half of the simulator part of type rating and recurrent training, replacing the FBS part  which significantly reduces the training costs.  MCC training is performed very effectively on this device – cockpit fully corresponds to modern aircraft. Based on the FNPT II MCC Certificate it is possible to perform basic and refresher IFR training.

FTD ATR42/72 (Flight Training Device)


Technical Specifications:


  • Manufacturer: MECHTRONIX SYSTEMS   
  • Aircraft Type: ATR42/72  
  • Engine Type: PW127E/PW127F   
  • Visual System: MSI INSIGHT,180°x 40° FOV  
  • Computer: PC  FTD ATR42/72 (Flight Training Device)
  • Certification: FTD level 2/FNPT II MCC (JAR-STD 2A/3A)
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