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Would you like to visit the training centre where pilots and cabin crew are trained? Book an excursion at Czech Aviation Training Centre!

Come to CATC and live a unconventional teambuilding! Your company event tailored to your needs - you can also try out our training devices where professional airline pilots and cabin crew members are trained. The plan of your event will be specified and discussed together with our event coordinator. 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an airline pilot? Take your chance and try it in a flight simulator where professional airline pilots are trained! We also have nice gift certificates - funny flying is a great gift idea and a nice surprise for your friends.

Are you afraid of flying? We will help you fight off your fear. You will eventually like flying! Special conception of this course is tailored by aviation professionals from Letanibezstrachu.cz 

Do you like trying new things and living new experiences? Put on a steward's uniform and try for a while to be a flight attendant! The course is organized by aviation professionals from Letanibezstrachu.cz






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